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TeeMates Firsts: The brother-sister duo teeing off on Friday nights

Is there a better way to finish off the school week than playing twilight golf?

If there is, Adam and Damia Muadz can't think of one. The Adelaide brother and sister, who are learning and growing their games together, recently loved their time at the first TeeMates Par 3 Series at North Adelaide.

Seven-year-old Adam began playing golf at five, and was inspired by his grandfather when visiting him in Malaysia and tagging along to the driving range. After watching her little brother practise for a few months, 12-year-old Damia decided to pick up a club and give golf a try too, and she hasn't been able to put it down since. "It allows the kids to have fun, but at the same time teaches them on how to be competitive as golfers," said father Rabuan. Damia loves the challenge of playing a different golf course, exploring her way around new challenges, and learning from exciting layouts and their uniquities. While Adam may take on his big sister's passion for different courses and their quirks in time, at the moment he loves spending time with his family playing golf most - and putting, of course.

Both Muadz kids can agree on one aspect of golf they both adore though, the opportunity to make new friends, especially at TeeMates events. "It is nice to see how the kids are supporting each other during their golf game and embrace good sportsmanship from the early age," said Rabuan. Golf Australia’s Golf Participation Manager - South Australia Christian Puccini said the Friday night TeeMates events have been a hit with the kids. "This season we have scheduled three TeeMates events on Friday nights after school at North Adelaide Par 3," he said. "Twilight golf is a very popular form of golf especially when playing nine holes or on a short course like a Par 3 which takes under two hours to play 18 holes. "The juniors loved our first event it was a great way to finish the school week off." To find out more about TeeMates and to sign up, click here. Golf is all about firsts – your first long putt, your first chip-in, your first par, your first birdie, your first hole-in-one, the first time you break 100.


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