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AGF Scholarships: Three sisters of Golf

Cairns sisters (from left) Angel, Emma and Madeleine Webster love golf.

By Serrin Bertino

For the first time, Cairns Golf Club in Queensland has more girls than boys learning golf.

This includes three sisters who have progressed through the MyGolf Girls and the Australian Golf Foundation (AGF) Girls Golf Scholarship programs.

Quite often you will hear of girls getting into golf because of their fathers.

"However, Angel got an interest in the game after watching golf on TV with her grandfather, and here we are, seven years later with my three daughters and I all playing".

Following her initial interest, Angel started MyGolf clinics at Cairns Golf Club at aged seven.

Nov 14, Angel is thriving following her graduation from the 2022 AGF scholarship program.

"The best thing about the scholarship program was learning new technique, meeting other girls and making new friends," she said.

'Making new friends' seemed a common theme amongst the three sisters with Angel's 11-year-old sister, Emma agreeing this has been the highlight for her.

"It has been great to meet new friends who I can play golf with," said Emma who is part of the scholarship program this year.

"When Angel got her scholarship last year, I really wanted one too.

"Now I have one and it is so amazing.".

Hoping she may follow in her older sisters' footsteps; Madeleine Webster is hopeful she may one-day receive a scholarship.

No matter what the outcome however, Madeleine "absolutely loves her golf and her golf friends"

"It (the scholarship program) seems really fun and since my sisters have both done it, I would like to continue with that tradition."

For now, Madeleine loves being a part of MyGolf.

"MyGolf is fun as I get to see my friends and my coach Shane, plus I love doing the trick shots."

Jason Webster is thrilled at what the sport and club has done for his daughters.

"I remember Angel having tears in her eyes when she found out she had received a scholarship.

For Jason, the greatest thing he believes the girls have taken away from the program is being part of a club, the comradeship that comes with this, and the values instilled in them.

"The scholarship program has taught the girls integrity, honesty, friendship and the spirit of giving back and being a part of a club," he said.

This was evident after a club-member donated her set of clubs to Angel when she started playing.

"We were so thankful, and since have donated the girl's clubs to other beginner girls so they can start their journey," said Jason.

Membership and Marketing Manager at the club, Siobhan Griffin is overjoyed to see so many girls flourishing, and is thankful to the AGF for enabling the club to offer the scholarship program.

"I think it is the combination of being able to offer MyGolf Girls and the AGF Scholarship that is attracting and encouraging so many girls to play here," she said. "They are a big focus for us, and thus I think they feel a big part of the club and quite special.

"We are tracking very well, ae proud of our efforts and thankful for the support we have received from Australian Golf."

Applications for the 2024 club funding open on the 18th August 2023 and close 28th October 2023.

Australian Golf Foundation is the national foundation for golf in Australia. The AGF supports Golf Australia’s vision to grow golf by investing in targeted initiatives to inspire all Australians to enjoy and play the game.

Find a local scholarship program near you. Visit for further information.

Australian Golf Foundation is thrilled to announce NEXTGEN Group as the principal partner of the AGF Scholarship program once again for the third year in 2024. Important financial support also continues to be provided by a number of generous benefactors, in addition to golfing bodies.

The scholarship program has come to fruition thanks to the foresight and generosity of Bonnie Boezeman AO, Director of the Australian Golf Foundation, who originally established the program at Killara Golf Club, NSW.

The AGF scholarships have been successful in Cairns.


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